Cinema and cinematography is for me to connect what is around us and what is inside us. emotions, relations, STRUCTURES and patterns enlighted in rhythm and composition. A passion to look at things carefully.


The former economist studied film- and video art in Budapest and in Berlin, at the University of Arts (UdK Berlin). She specified in cinematography at the German Film- and Television Academy Berlin (DFFB). In 2015 she won a grant for an Expanded Cinematography Masterclass at the Global Cinematography Institute in LA, led by Vilmos Zsigmond and Yuri Neyman. In the past decade she worked on numerous award winning productions: four feature length films, more than twenty shorts, numerous documentaries and art projects as a director of photography in Germany, Georgia, Russia, USA, Egypt, Turkey and in Hungary. Her second feature won the Best Cinematography Award at the 62. Seminci Filmfestival in 2017. She is based in Berlin but follows the good stories anywhere.